Smiley CEO Nicolas Loufrani Interview

Smiley CEO Nicolas Loufrani was interviewed on a recent trip to India by CNBC. Here Nicolas gives a unique insight into the history of the brand and also House of Smiley’s current developments.

Spread happiness with SmileyWorld Nutella !


From an incredible collaboration between SmileyWorld and Nutella, here you have a taste of the social media campaign of Nutella and SmileyWorld.

Every week you will find on Smiley and Nutella Espana, your icon of the day accompanied with a funny quote and 200g of happiness delivered in a NUtella jar.

Nutella and Smileyworld will give you a free Nutella placemats when you will buy at least two SmileyWorld Nutella jars.

To know more on Smileyworld click here.

Spread Happiness!