Must have Menswear: New Smiley T-shirts Collection!

Smiley sees no boundaries and is spreading the love across the world!

Coming soon on the Smiley online storeand to be sold throughout India, these tees boast boosted colour schemes, cool prints and share the smiley vibes of positivity and wearing your smile with pride.

Keep Smilin’


                                                             London 1st of February

Smiley + Cardelicious: Unconventional Must Have Greeting Cards!

Smiley Original adds a humorous touch the traditional act of giving greeting cards with its new collection from Cardelicious.

Continuing in its collaboration with the leading creative British company,  the colourful and ironic cards always prove to be a hit with the crowd. Catch Happiness with a Smiley card.


Keep Smilin’ 🙂

The happiest greeting cards ever by Smiley original & Cardelicious

                     -30th of January, London. All Rights Reserved –

Fashion Fairs Latest Trends: Smiley + Plomo o Plata @ Bread Butter Berlin 2013

Smiley Original has popped up at Bread & Butter Berlin with a new cool line of scarves in collaboration with Plomo o Plata.

Hit Spring Summer 2013 trend adding a Happy twist to your accessory wish list: several different prints are available both for matching mens and womenswear!

Enjoy the Pics 🙂

Smiley Original Accessory Scarf by Plomo O Plata

                               London, 24th of Jan 2013 – All Rights reserved

Instaphoto Smiley & Plomo o Plata colors seapunk inspiration

                          London, 24th of January 2013 – All rights Reserved

SmileyWorld and Diffusione Moda: the Happiest Kids of the Year





Ever wondered what the happiest kids in the world look like?

The new kidswear SmileyWorld collection launches the coolest fashion kid Spring /Summer trend.


We are excited to share with you a snapshot of the backstage shooting for the collection.


Keep Smilin’