Spread happiness with SmileyWorld Nutella !


From an incredible collaboration between SmileyWorld and Nutella, here you have a taste of the social media campaign of Nutella and SmileyWorld.

Every week you will find on Smiley and Nutella Espana, your icon of the day accompanied with a funny quote and 200g of happiness delivered in a NUtella jar.

Nutella and Smileyworld will give you a free Nutella placemats when you will buy at least two SmileyWorld Nutella jars.

To know more on Smileyworld click here.

Spread Happiness!


Can’t stop Smiling? Try chewing a little with our new SmileyWorld chewing gum!


We just can’t keep ourselves from giving you more Smiley experiences and new products. Not only will your breath smell great, but with fresh flavours and colourful packaging; you’ll make everyone smile when you give out some gum to your friends.  Launched together with our Turkish partner ‘First Sensation’, we have created a smart and bubbly collection of mint chewing gums inspired by the different SmileyWorld Moods ..  hungry, cheeky and smiley!


Whichever one you are – get chewing 🙂


Make breakfast fun again with the New SmileyWorld Nutella:)

Here we go again with another new food and beverage collaboration from Smiley. Combining forces with the most famous breakfast (and whenever else you fancy it!) chocolate spread, Nutella, this new tag-team in chocolate delight sees the SmileyWorld icons decorate the world famous Nutella spread glass jars.

The collection, inspired by Smileyworld icons in several different scenarios including: ‘morning spring’, ‘love’ and ‘Nothing else but Happiness’ infuse the Smiley philosophy of positivity and happy feelings.
Nutella and Smileyworld have chosen the Spanish market as main ground of this sweet wave.

The cute Nutella + SmileyWorld pots will be available in major supermarkets all around the Iberian peninsula, ready to deliver daily happiness to your breakfast ritual.

Make breakfast fun again with the New SmileyWorld Nutella:)