Live Valentines Day the Smiley way!

Live Valentines Day the Smiley way!

Smiley wishes a bit of Love and Happiness to all of you!

Smiley Supports Human Rights Campaign

Smiley Supports Human Rights Campaign

Smiley & Urban Outfitters celebrates Valentine’s Day!

Smiley original has eloped with Urban Outfitters Clothing and made beautiful sweet tees. Their babies, available to all hardcore sweethearts and happening heartthrobs on, yep, you guessed it, the 14th February, will be crying for your attention in your local Urban Outfitters.

Warning: taking one home may cause countless sleepless nights! xoxo

Smiley & Urban Outfitters Collection | Menswear, Womenswear London Clubber Style Vintage

London 12th february, 2013 – All Rights Reserved

Must Have Accessories: Pastel Smiley Watches

Whether your into Sea Punk , Soft Grunge or are a Pastel Goth its time to indulge in our pretty pastel Smiley watches.


Things That Make Us Smile

This weeks roundup of smiley discoveries