Smiley London Collection is available @ Joey Essex Fusey Shop!

Smiley London Collection is now available also at Fusey Shop.

Don’t Forget that we are spreading our Positive philosophy also from our Smiley London Boutique at Boxpark Shoreditch  🙂

Add these two addresses to your “place-to-be” List … They will be useful to boost your look with Oldskool Vibe!

Paula EchevarrĂ­a Shopping Day comes across Smiley London Collection :)

Paula EchevarrĂ­a Shopping Day come across Smiley London Collection :)

Home Decor Must Have: Smiley & Merci Gustave! Pop Art Collaboration!

Smiley and Merci Gustave! collaborate for a universal message of Happiness with these amazing pop art statuettes.

The creative forces of Merci Gustave and the famous Smiley pop icon of the Smiley Company have landed directly in New York and Paris.

Now, it’s up to you whether you’re going to salute NY with the patriotic stars ‘n’ stripes or romance the classical mood of Paris.

These products are available on Merci Gustave website.



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Smiley & Cardelicious take London Transport to a whole new level!

Smiley & Cardelicious collaborate again on a new product to compliment their successful greeting card range. Bringing a cheeky smile to the daily commute Londoners face every day, the iconic smiley logo adds a pop twist to typically corporate marketplace of Oyster card holders. Be the trendsetter every morning and evening on your way to work or study!

These Smiley-holders are available online from Cardelicious  and at Smiley London boutique in Boxpark, Shoreditch, London!

Keep smilin!

Buy online Smiley Card holder on | free shipping available in UK

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