Home Decor Must Have: Smiley & Merci Gustave! Pop Art Collaboration!

Smiley and Merci Gustave! collaborate for a universal message of Happiness with these amazing pop art statuettes.

The creative forces of Merci Gustave and the famous Smiley pop icon of the Smiley Company have landed directly in New York and Paris.

Now, it’s up to you whether you’re going to salute NY with the patriotic stars ‘n’ stripes or romance the classical mood of Paris.

These products are available on Merci Gustave website.



London, 22nd of February 2012 – All Rights reserved

Smiley Brand Trend: when Fashion goes FairTrade.

Smiley Fair Trade is a first; a full range of fair-trade products with a unique design twist supporting local third world communities of producers.

Sold in European retail store Altermundi as well as hundreds of other stores across Europe, Groupe SOS set up their fair-trade facility 7 years ago in order to work with small groups of artists and craftsmen in third world countries.The project encourages and promotes fair-trade practices at the same times as creating stylish, modern and desirable products that are not usually associated to fair-trade product ranges. Each Smiley Fair-trade product has its own unique story and cause which it supports.

All products are made according to fair-trade standards that help to improve marginalized producers living conditions in developing countries.

Smiley FairTrade product can be purchased online here. or in Smiley Boutique in Shoreditch, London

Keep Smilin’ 🙂


London, 16th of January 2013 – All rights reserved – http://www.smileycompany.com

Kidswear Must Have – SmileyWorld Hoodies

Hip-Hop Old School and Color blocking rule on the new SmileyWorld Hoodies Collection!
These amazing kidswear pieces are designed in collaboration with CoolCat Clothing… and will be available in shops soon!
Here you have a small preview!


SmileyWorld Logo London kidswear Fashion