Must-Eat Food Innovation: Smiley Pasta from Dalla Costa.

High Quality Italian Pasta specialist, Dalla Costa has chosen SmileyWorld and its range of icons to approach innovatively and reinvent the Food Market and boost your daily meals with expression and happiness.

SmileyPasta has been created in two main styles,  durum format semolina, entirely worked with the ancient tradition of Italian Pasta making.

Smiley and Dalla Costa are now the only producers of pasta that smiles combined with the quality of ‘Made in Italy’.


Smiley Pasta delivers an original pasta shape of high quality, with perfect firmness and high cooking resistance.

The tradition of Dalla Costa and Smiley will turn lunch and dinner into a new positive experience… save the dates: Milan, Tutto Food from the 19th-21st of May and Sial China 2013 in Shanghai.

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