SMILEY at Magic Trade Show – US

After a string of successful fashion lifestyle focussed trade shows in the Far East; including Chic and Novomania; The Smiley Company moved it’s colourful and edgy brands further afield to the United States for the dominant fashion fair, Magic this August 19th-21st 2013.

Already a regular at landmark shows Bread & Butter Berlin, Who’s Next Paris and the licensing shows in London and Vegas; this is the first entry to Magic for the global brand of positivity and happiness.

Believed to be an organic transition, given the increased growth of brand sales and the fascination of the Smiley face trend for 2013/14, the timing has come perfectly for the company to re-focus its business in the United States.

Unlike shows in the past, this year saw Smiley take two stands to target specific demographics. Its youthful and expressive SmileyWorld Kids collection travelled to WWD Magic at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, while its edgy throwback to house music and 90’s lifestyle revival, Smiley London, travelled to the more adult orientated Project Magic at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre.

Both locations have seen fantastic results introducing both US retailers and trade to the dynamic universes of their respective brands; showcasing full apparel collections and accessories including skateboards, headphones, sunglasses, mobile accessories and exclusive collaboration products such as the PONY X SMILEY limited edition sneakers.

Have a Smiley Day 🙂