Can’t stop Smiling? Try chewing a little with our new SmileyWorld chewing gum!


We just can’t keep ourselves from giving you more Smiley experiences and new products. Not only will your breath smell great, but with fresh flavours and colourful packaging; you’ll make everyone smile when you give out some gum to your friends.  Launched together with our Turkish partner ‘First Sensation’, we have created a smart and bubbly collection of mint chewing gums inspired by the different SmileyWorld Moods ..  hungry, cheeky and smiley!


Whichever one you are – get chewing 🙂


London Trend: Feel the Smiley Vibe

Smiley taking over West & East London DJ Scene. Looks like something exciting is on the horizon for London!

Get the look on and the Vibe here.


                                                   – London, Jan 2013 –

Things That Make Us Smile

This weeks roundup of smiley discoveries